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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher 7.0 Litre

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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher 7.0 Litre

ast Tag NZ 7.0Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher, covering Fire Classes A,F. The container is Stainless Steel, so not subject to corrosion.

Primary extinguisher for commercial kitchens, especially where gas is used. Vastly superior where kitchen cooking fats and liquids are used.

It is rated: 4F 3A:4F. and meets all NZ Certifying requirements.

It has a good suitability for Cooking Oils and Fats, forming a stable smothering blanket that remains after the fire is extinguished. Must not be used on electrical equipment.

The correct NZ-approved sign is available for this extinguisher.

SKU: 10000-29 TAG: Wet Chemical Extinguisher

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