Fire Extinguishers For Sale Online


A Client's two biggest concerns are that the fire products he buys, are both Compliant with NZ regulations, and of highest quality

All of Fast Tag NZ's products are fully compliant with relevant NZ Standards, such as NZS 4503:1993; NZS 4503:2005; AS/NZS 1221:1997 and AS/NZ 1841 (and subsections), and are of highest quality.  Order with full confidence.


Fast Tag NZ Fire Products have been providing fire-related services for over 30 years, including the supply of, and training in the use of,  portable fire products. We do our best to be top communicators which includes technical information, and keeping the supply line open to clients.

Need assurance you have the right product? Contact us and we can advise.  



Fast Tag NZ is a family-based business, firmly founded on "Deal honestly, and Sleep peacefully." When you receive technical advice from us, It will be the best we can give, or if you place  an order with us, you can be sure that it is in safe, experienced, professional hands. (Please check our Feedback on Trademe)

Occasionally a supply line such as ship or courier will fail, which is beyond our control. Fast Tag NZ will continue to see that you are cared for.


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