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Boat Fire Extinguisher Kit Dry Powder (small) with 1.0kg Quick-release Stainless Brackets

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Boat Fire Extinguisher Kit (small) including Quick-release Stainless Bracket

Dry Powder Race Car Fire Extinguisher (small) 1.0KG with Quick-release Double Strap

Fire Products NZ 1KG ABE (Dry Powder) now comes with a double strap bracket. 

This 1KG extinguisher will handle a normal boat fire very effectively. 

It also has an upgraded rating, and represents the latest in fire-fighting Dry Powder technology.

This Dry Powder extinguisher is rated for Fire Classes A,B , E (Liquids, Solids and Electrical). Rated at 2A:20B:E, this product is fully compliant with NZ Standards, and superior to the products presently being sold in non-specialist stores.

Dry Powder is an inexpensive and very efficient way to douse boat fires. The powder acts as a suppressing blanket that resists attempts by the fire to re-ignite. Larger sizes are available.

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