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Portable Fire Blanket Hard Case Small 1.0 x 1.0M

Fast Tag


Fast Tag NZ Fire Blanket in Hard Case. Perfect for transporting as for stunting and portable kitchens. The hard protective case prevents damage when being carried around.

This Fire Blanket is 1.0m x 1.0m, and is safest way to put out oil and fat fires in a Galley, Kitchen or Office Cafeteria.

Water and pressure extinguishers risk spreading fires, the "Fast Tag" Fire Safety blankets will smother such fires safely. Frequently purchased by movie or portable kitchens due to the tough moulded plastic cover.

They don't go flat, they are always ready, and are a very cheap investment in safety. Can be refolded and put back in case

Can be hung on a hook/ screw (Not supplied) the same as regular Soft Cover Blankets.

Approved signs are available for $8.00 each if required. Please enquire

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