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Foam Fire Extinguisher 9.0 Litre

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Foam Fire Extinguisher 9.0 Liter 

Fast Tag NZ 9 Liter Foam Extinguisher covering Fire classes A and B

The casing of this extinguisher is stainless steel, so not susceptible to internal corrosion.

Foam extinguishers have excellent fire-fighting properties specially suited to multi-risk areas which generally have volatile liquids such as petrol and some solvents.

Not suitable for gas or electrical fires

The effect of foam extinguishers is gained from their smothering effect, as they form an air-excluding seal over the burning liquid thus forming a barrier against re-ignition. This characteristic makes it more effective in a workshop than CO2 which will extinguish but then disperse, allowing re-ignition.

Rated: 3A:30B Meets all certifying requirements for NZ conditions.

The correct NZ approved sign for this extinguisher is available for an additional $8.00 

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