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Boat Fire Extinguisher Kit Dry Powder (small) + Double Brkt

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Boat Fire Extinguisher Kit (small) + HD Brkt

Fast Tag NZ Dry Powder Small (1KG) Boat Fire Extinguisher Kit. Comes with 2 brackets: A garage bracket and a Heavier Duty vibration-resistant, twin-strap boat mounting bracket.

This Dry Powder extinguisher is rated for Fire Classes A,B,E. (liquids, Solids and Electrical). Suitable for smaller water craft.

Rated at 1A:20B:E this product is fully compliant with NZ Standards. It is an inexpensive and efficient way to douse boating fires. It acts as a suppressant blanket that resists attempts by fire to reignite.

While the extinguisher does come with a regular wall bracket , the heavier duty twin strap quick-release bracket resists  vibration and is faster to release and use. A larger 2KG model is also available. 

Pictures are indicative as products continue to develop.

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